We are located at the end of the fishing pier at Marker 37. There is plenty of free parking.

As you get closer to our location you will first pass Doc’s Seafood Restaurant, Sunset Island Signs, then Snoopy’s Pier Restaurant. Take a left in the snoopy’s parking lot and enter in the gate. There you will find 2 boat ramps to your right. Please find a parking spot in the lot. We recommend closer to the volleyball courts. Then you will walk towards the building that says “Marker 37” on the roof. Once on the deck you can take 2 paths to the back of the pier on the opposite side of the building. Either to the left on the open deck or through the gift shop. Basically you want to get on the other side of the building. Once on the pier, keep walking to the end of the pier and you will see us on the left at the end. 

There are signs for Nauticool Adventures and friendly Marker 37 staff. If you cannot find us, please just ask a Marker 37 staff member and they will point you in the right direction. 

There are plenty of activities at the Marina for those waiting around. These activities include Shuffle Board, Full Bars, 2 Restaurants, Live Music, 10 New Air-Conditioned Restrooms, Polynesian Room, Tiki Bar, Sunset Deck, Boardwalk Deck, and Paradise Fishing Pier, and Kayak rentals.

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