Nauticool Adventures Has Moved

I’d like to thank everyone that made Nauticool Adventures a huge success over the years. With over 300 5-Star Reviews and 40,000 happy customers it was a pleasure to have brought a variety of watersport activities to North Padre Island. We look forward to opening up with a better supporting marina partner in 2025. Stay tuned!


We highly recommend the following companies to continue enjoying your water sport activities:


Holiday Beach Rentals –

Gettin’ Salty Watersports Inc –



If you are looking for more activities, awesome food, and great nightlife check out –

Directions to Nauticool Adventures - Boat, Jet Ski, & Kayak Rentals

Once you arrive at Sunset Island you will see 2 large signs that say “Welcome to Sunset Island ”. One on the left and one on the right side of the speed bump. Continue driving through the signs over the speed bump and park anywhere in the parking lot. If the lot is full we recommend parking down closer to Dock’s Seafood Restaurant. Once at the “Sunset Island” signs look forward and to your far right (near Scoopy’s Ice cream). You will see our RENT ME flag and our check in booth on the lookout deck. Please bring your ID and any items you wish to take with or leave with us in dry storage. We have plenty of safe storage for your group but please leave purses or anything of value please leave in the car or at home.

There are plenty of activities at Marker 37 Marina for those waiting around. These activities include Shuffle Board, Full Bars, 2 Restaurants, Oyster Bar (on the water), Live Music, 10 New Air-Conditioned Restrooms, Polynesian Room, Tiki Bar, Sunset Deck, Boardwalk Deck, and Paradise Fishing Pier, and Kayak Rentals.

You can click on the interactive map below for directions. There is a “Directions” button in the top left of the map below. This will setup directions on your mobile device to our location. 

Directions from Corpus Christi (West) for Jet Ski, Kayak, Boat Rentals

Directions to Nauticool Adventures Jetski, Kayak, and Boat Rental

Directions from North Padre, Port Aransas (East) for Jet Ski, Kayak, Boat Rentals

Directions to Nauticool Adventures Jetski, Kayak, and Boat Rental